Delivering Quality since 1980, Relite ceiling fans are created for optimum performance and highly regarded for its quality and safety features. Made from high quality and anti-corrosion materials, its aerodynamically designed blades promise optimum air delivery, surpassing the industry’s standards. With its quiet and energy saving operation, Relite fans are extremely popular with commercial and home users.

Our engineered solutions feature the highest quality, reliability and consistency, complemented by our specialist knowledge and exemplary service. Our website has been specially designed for making an informed decision to attain the best solution for your home renovation or project.

We offer a comprehensive range of environmental and hygiene products to suit your home or project requirements. From fans to dryers products, we have undertaken extensive research to ensure our range of products are superior in both quality and functionality to help you create a clean and comfortable environment.

To learn more about our company, please visit our corporate website at www.khind-systems.com.

Customer Service
At ReliteSpecialty, we are customer-focused. Our Customer Service team is well trained to provide the best after sales support and to attend to your enquiries regarding all our products and services. We assure you of our prompt and personalized attention.



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