Everyone has experienced the cooling effects of a light breeze. As air moves across, it evaporates body moisture, making one feel cooler and more comfortable. With a ceiling fan generating cooling breezes in your home, you can set your air conditioning thermostat at a higher, more economical level. You save money without sacrificing comfort.

Even at the highest setting, a simple functional ceiling fan, which consumes below 100 watts, helps you save energy and money and help protect the environment. Use of fans in air-conditioned environment helps improve uniform air circulation resulting in energy conservation.

Did you know that the average house could be responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car? That's because every time you flip on a light switch or turn on appliances, you use energy, which means more greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. So the more energy you can save through energy efficiency products, the more you help to reduce greenhouse gases and the risks of global warming.

Following are the recommended sizes –

For rooms up to 21 sq m / 225 square feet (15' x 15'), use a fan with a blade span of 52", 56" or 60".

For rooms up to 13 sq m / 144 square feet (12' x 12') we recommend fans with blade spans of 44” or 48".

Smaller rooms up to 6 sq m / 64 square feet (8' x 8') should use a fan with a 36" blade span.

Ultimately, the right size fan for a room is not determined by the size of the room alone. You must also consider the furnishings in the room, ambient room temperature, how the walls and ceiling are treated, how high the ceiling is, as well as how much air you want to feel.

Low ceiling below 2.5 m, uses Hugger or Petite. They are specially designed for low ceiling applications with shock absorbers to ease the vibrations as they are mounted closer to the ceiling. Suitable for HDB premises.

High ceiling above 2.6m uses Deluxe, Rapid, Fantasia or Endeavour, which comes with a standard rod length. Custom made rod is available for higher ceiling.

Minimum distance between ceiling fan and floor should be 2.3 meters (Approx 7.5 Ft.).

Minimum distance between ceiling or a projecting beam and ceiling fan blades should be 250 mm (Approx 9.5 Inches). If minimum distance is not permissible, use low ceiling models where distance is about 150 mm from ceiling to blades

Horizontal distance between ceiling fan blade tip and nearest wall should be 0.5 times the fan size.

Minimum clearance between two consecutive fan hooks should be twice the fan blade span to be fitted.

Fan size is the diameter of a circle traced by fan blades, while rotating.

Air delivery is the volume of air pushed by the ceiling fan. The higher the air delivery, the more air is moved in a room.

Efficiency of a ceiling fan is a ratio of air delivered by fan in cubic meters per minute and electrical power input in Watts, when fan is operated at rated voltage. (This is also known as service value of a fan).

It is not advisable to use electronic controller available in market (unless the fan manufacturer recommends to do so) as majority of them generate humming noise in the fan at low speeds. It also affects the life of a capacitor in the fan.

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Cleaning - A soft brush or lint-free cloth should be used to prevent scratching the finish. Surface smudges or an accumulation of dirt and dust can be removed easily using a mild detergent and slightly damp soft cloth. Never use abrasive and strong cleaning agents as these will damage the finish/material

Changing Light bulbs – Be sure to turn the power to OFF at the wall switch or circuit breaker before changing light bulbs. Replace bulbs with the same type/wattage as you removed from the light fixture.

Inspection - The fan suspension system needs to be checked at least once every 2 years to ensure all mounting are in order.

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