Khind Dual Flow 8inch Exhaust Fan

Why is it important to having exhaust fan in our home?

Exhaust fans are especially useful for places with stale, impure and very humid environment. Having one improves the air quality by removing excess humidity which helps reduce mold growth, odours, stale air and other pollutants. Besides, it also helps air exchange with outside air.

Let’s take a bathroom, for example..

Many of us loves to take hot shower bath after a long day. During or after showers, bathroom mirrors, windows and walls will be covered in steam that’s where moisture builds up. Moisture stimulates the growth of mold behind bathroom wall, and also damage surfaces of drywall, ceiling and cabinets which can be costly to repair. Now, you can prevent such potential problems by using our Khind Dual Flow exhaust fan (Exhale & Inhale) for proper ventilation.

In the Kitchen..

Love cooking but worry the food smell will stay on your fabric sofa or curtain? No worries anymore with our Khind Dual Flow exhaust fan (Exhale & Inhale), just turn on the exhaust fan during and/or after cooking to allow air exchange.

How to choose the RIGHT Exhaust Fan for your home?

Things to take note when shopping for exhaust fan:

• Area size (L x B x H) as it’ll determine the size of exhaust fan you should be getting

• Window mount or Ceiling mount

• Window type & dimension

*Remember, a larger space requires a more powerful or bigger exhaust fan to help filter out excess humidity and unwanted odours.

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